NDA’s Top 5 Marketing Tips

To build a strong company reputation

Good marketing differentiates your company, creates a strong brand perception and raises your brand profile. Simple marketing tactics can create awareness and give your company more credibility when bidding for new work.

Clever marketing ensures your company is at the front of your clients’ mind, helping to generate more bid opportunities.

Here’s our top 5 tips:


Your website is often the first place that potential clients (and employees) will go, to find more information about your company and what you do. 

To stand out from your competitors’ websites and to make sure your clients understand what you do, it needs to have immediate impact with clear, engaging, and helpful information.

Ensure that your website is attractive and easy-to-navigate so that it establishes your legitimacy, and builds trust with your brand.

Include these essential features to let your audience know exactly what you do and how to get in touch with you.

  • Home page – compelling images and an clear, unambiguous description of what you do
  • About us Page – Tell your website visitors who you are, your history and experience
  • Clear navigation bar – Have a clear menu to make it easy for clients to find what they’re looking for
  • Services Page – Let clients know what services you have to offer and how you can help them
  • Testimonials – Include testimonials to build trust and credibility
  • Case studies/portfolio – Provide visual impact and showcase the results of your projects
  • Blog – Think about having a blog page to highlight your industry knowledge and support your brand values
  • Prominent phone number, email address and contact us forms – Give your clients lots of ways to get in touch easily
  • News page – This can include press releases, current projects, and events. It’s useful for creating links to post on social media and for email marketing


Showcase your industry experience and expertise. If done right, content marketing can be a great way of encouraging people to know, like and trust you. However, it can be challenging in the construction industry, because of the high level of competition and you may need to work extra hard to earn that trust with new clients. 

Make sure you publish high-quality content that is relevant and useful to your audience.

Use these simple tactics to introduce an engaging, human element to your content:

  • Include photographs of your employees – Let them know more about you as a company and who they will be working with. This again builds trust and creates a connection.
  • Celebrate work-related success or birthdays
  • Employee of the month feature
  • Prioritise reviews and customer testimonials
  • Use case studies that feature the ‘people’ element of the project – for example a scheme where you have delivered community benefits. Don’t forget to always use high quality photographs and collect complimentary statements from those involved to deliver more impact.
  • Think of your tone of voice when writing copy


If you want to stand out, you need to have a good social media presence. Use social media as a platform to share your knowledge, best practices and to build your professional image. Thought leadership content gives you integrity and builds recognition with your brand.

Build an engaging social media presence and you’ll reap the rewards through:

  • Networking – Build online relationshipswith construction and housing business professionals and contractors
  • Company exposure –Creating a strong social media presence ensures your brand is front of mind and showcases your company and what it’s best at. It is very easy to ‘slip off the radar’ especially if your competitors are regular and popular users of social media, with lots of followers and engagement  – doing a better a job than you of reminding clients what they do best.
  • Post engagement – Posting strong content or responding to other people’s post with a thoughful comment can be an excellent online conversation starter
  • Digital word-of-mouth referral system – social media can be seen as the digital version of ‘word-of-mouth’
  • Support your business development efforts – Use social media to support your overall marketing efforts and your business development drive to maintain your profile and identify new clients.

4. Nurture existing and past clients

Work hard to keep the clients you already have and encourage your past clients to keep coming back.

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns just for them, reflecting on current or past projects, your achievements and what benefits your clients have enjoyed through working with you.

Keep in touch with them via:

  • LinkedIn, (make sure you are visible on social media, because your competitors are)
  • Regular e-newsletters
  • Annual statement reviewing the year – maybe at Christmas
  • Regular, diarised phone/video calls


Maintain these positive relationships to keep your clients happy and can also lead to new business through referrals! No matter what size of project or service you have carried out, if your customers experience was positive, then keep in regular touch with them, ensuring they keep you in mind when they are asked for a recommendation.

You’ll know who your top 5 or 10 ideal clients are. Create highly targeted marketing campaigns just for them — complete with email marketing, ad campaigns, and more.

Putting your marketing efforts into just a few companies is a great way to get bigger projects.

This will also help shorten your sales cycle, minimise cold calling and make efficient use of your marketing budget and resources.

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