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Brenward’s objective was to be reappointed on a 10 year Framework for repairs and maintenance with a Kent Housing Association. They were not used to bidding in a competitive environment. NDA offered significant support both in terms of crafting answers that directly responded to the detailed questions but also in creating an impactful design for the submissions. A series of interviews with their technical staff generated the specific content that we were able to work with in order to present in a winning format despite competition from a number of major national contractors.

“We appointed Nicola and her team to support Brenwards on a must-win bid for a Housing asset management Framework. They showed creative flair in designing us an eye catching document. Nicola’s sector expertise, advice and professional writing ensured we submitted a compelling bid which I have no doubt helped us enormously in securing the repairs and maintenance contract for another 10 years.”
Scott Edwards, Director, Brenwards

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